Monday, January 6, 2014

Nightmare at Epilin Street: Homemade, Natural Remedies to Horrible Skin Allergy

Red, itchy blisters that ache to be scratched until they are sore and pus-filled. Anxiety attack from the sight of them and the horrible itchy feeling.

Eew, what a nightmare!

But they're all too real for me before when I had them all over my underarms and legs a few weeks ago. (No, I will not post pictures at all!). 

But why you say? It's because I tried this Epilin hair-removing wax, which seemed natural enough for me because it has very few natural ingredients, and then around 24 hours later, I got severe allergic reaction to it. My skin developed red, itchy red rashes.

I was tempted to go to a dermatologist but stopped myself. 

I know it's wrong (at least for others, but not so much to me anymore) to not consult a medical practitioner on these matters. But since I've gone DIY and natural living, I've realized that nature offers the best medicine already and people in my circles have helpful advices and insights on self-healing through nutrition and natural homemade remedies. 

Also, I didn't want to put ointments with chemicals I am not familiar with anymore on my skin, which I am sure a dermatologist will recommend. After going no 'poo, it seemed to me that I'd be taking a two steps back if I put a whole new set of expensive, manufactured products on my skin.

Plus, derma products are stupendously expensive. Not to mention derma fees. Whew. Just thinking about the money that flows out of my palms make these palms sweat. In other words, I don't find it practical to fully rely on dermatologists and their products for my skin needs.

So, leaving these usual options behind, I had to rely on two doctors: Nature and my immune system. Natural remedies summoned me, and running to them I did!

Homemade Remedies to Skin Allergy


1) Virgin Coconut Oil
2) Baking soda
3) Oatmeal and honey
4) Garlic
5) Tea Tree Castile Soap
6) Boiled water, still warm

And what are these ingredients for?

1) Virgin Coconut Oil- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch. It soothes the burning feeling of scratching allergies. It also heals the rashes and renews the skin, as least in my experience.
2) Baking soda- Anti-itch and for giving that beautiful relief to soreness.
3) Oatmeal and honey- Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch.
4) Garlic- Antibacterial for any infection that I have enhanced because of my scratching.
5) Tea Tree Castile Soap- Antibacterial.
6) Boiled water, still warm- For washing and making baking soda paste.

Self-treatment Procedures

1) Don't panic and have the ingredients ready. Be well-armed with these supplies.

2) Wash the allergic skin portions with Castile soap with hands only and using warm water. Warm water feels good and removes wax residue, if still present. Pat dry afterwards, not scrub, with towel. Resist the urge to rub or scratch.

3) Put baking soda paste on allergic skin. Just mix baking soda powder with distilled or filtered water or boiled water. Let it stay for ten minutes. This will sting. You can also try cooking oatmeal and adding honey, and then put this on your skin for ten minutes too. I tried this after using the baking soda paste, but only once though.

4) Wash again with warm water. Pat dry. Put generous VCO on the affected areas. Let the skin absorb it for 10 minutes before even considering scratching it again. VCO can relieve itching and burning and will heal the allergy slowly.

5) Mince half a teaspoon of garlic and drink it up with water once a day for its antibacterial properties that can help heal the itchiness and infection from within. Do this until the itchiness goes away and the rashes are completely dry.

Treatment Time

For the rashes to dry using this treatment procedure, it took me four days. Just continue washing with castile soap and putting VCO until the itchiness and redness of rashes are completely gone. This phase took six days. 

Commercial products can promise instant or faster results, but they are loaded with many chemicals you may not want on your skin. I chose natural over manufactured treatment and everything is find on my end.

As for the black scars from the skin rashes, oh the scars... You will know why you should not scratch these rashes hard and long because of these horrible dark scars...

I am using Dr. Wood's exfoliating soap and vitamin E soap for now to renew my skin. Some people say raw 100% cocoa butter will help decrease the darkness of the scars, so I will buy and use that when the budget permits.

The Nightmare Ends

I'm not a doctor but I healed myself. 

No, nature healed me and helped me heal myself.

The nightmare at Epilin Street is all over now. 

Homemade remedies to skin allergy worked for me. You can try it, but make sure you are not allergic to these materials that I used. Otherwise, the nightmare will be extended.

Fear not. Nature has multiple answers. And the Internet offers many solutions. Just make sure to find reliable websites and always test something on a small part of your skin to check for allergic reactions (ugh, that allergic word again).

Nature and the human immune system are awesome healing partners. 

Let them end even the worst skin nightmares for you.

What are some products that gave you skin allergies? What natural remedies did you try that worked and did not work?