Sunday, November 16, 2014

One Ingredient to Banish Toothache

If right after the sweets, your teeth screams, "It HUUURTS!" What do you do?

I use one simple natural ingredient: Bentonite Clay.

I use Bentonite Clay as face mask

Since I also mix it in with my baking soda toothpaste as a remineralizing and whitening ingredient (you can add Bentonite Clay to my remineralizing toothpaste recipe), I tested it for another remedy- as a natural cure for toothache-and it worked!

I've eaten too much sweets for my own good today, so my tooth ached a bit. 

I just put some Bentonite Clay directly on the ailing (wailing) tooth and let it stay for 10 minutes or more until the pain is gone. 

If the pain returns, I just put some more clay on it and let it stay longer.  Gargle with warm water after.  This clay is safe by the way to eat, although in small amounts. 

I'm so loving these natural solutions that work! 

Here's what I use:
face mask and cures toothache bentonite clay
For Face Mask AND Curing Toothaches!

Bentonite Clay (the amount depends on how much you need for your aching tooth/teeth)

1) Put some Bentonite Clay on your painful teeth.
2) Wait for 10 minutes or more until the pain is gone.
3) Gargle with warm water afterwards.

What Witchcraft is This?
Bentonite clay may remineralize teeth, since it is made from calcium.  Its calcium may be helping our teeth remove all that horrible sugar acid stuck on our teeth too, if we have not brushed well, or if our toothpaste does not exactly clean our teeth the way we expect it too. 

If you want to know more why your commercial toothpaste may not be cleaning your teeth well and may even be harming your health, you can read this article of mine. Here's the link.

It also helps to brush first with my homemade remineralizing toothpaste recipe that has antibacterial and natural cleaning ingredients. 

Brush for two minutes (and not more because too long of a brushing might damage your teeth). Gargle with warm water after because warm water washes it faster, although you can use tap water too.

Some Reminders in Using Bentonite Clay
Don't let this clay come in contact with metal things because it will decrease its effectiveness. This clay will not stain your teeth, but will muddy your white clothes, so be careful if in white or other light colored clothing.

Toothaches are no fun, but having a simple, one-ingredient natural solution is fun! 

What natural toothache solutions have you tried?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

I'm Still Alive!

Sorry, I've been too busy lately. It hurts me to not blog anymore about the things I love, i.e. finding ways to make natural living more practical and fun for me and my family, and motivating others to follow this way of life.

Nevertheless, I am on still on this crunchy path to being a mother who does not have to buy artificial chemicals for many of our everyday beauty, hygiene, and cleaning needs. I'm proud that I have maintained the good habit of using these recipes on my blog, depending on the hecticness of my schedule.   

There are a lot of setbacks in turning the leaf of natural existence. Costs, time, research, people who do not believe in you and would rather believe in commercial products that have questionable ingredients and so on.

But I will not be daunted.

I will persevere in my own ways.

My six-year-old daughter Zoe is the biggest fan of my homemade products and she uplifts me so much with her support. We both use my baking soda toothpaste recipe by the way. Check out her beautiful white teeth, thanks to baking soda.

She is my inspiration, and I hope that Achilles, my three-year-old son, will soon get into my bandwagon too when he's old enough. 

My husband supports me as well, but he's hesitant in using my recipes. That's okay. I never force anything on anyone. I will just keep on doing what makes me happy :)

I love this. This feeling of freedom from buying many things.
This feeling of empowerment for knowing that food and natural products are my beauty and personal cleaning products. 

That feeling that I nourish my soul too for being more connected with nature.

This is all I have for now :) See you around!