Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lovely Beasts and Distracted Beauties

You don't shampoo and condition everyday? How beastly!

You don't know the latest fashionable commercial products? How beastly!

You don't look like her and her and her? How beastly!

Beauty versus the beast. No longer a romance, but a saga of endless battles. 

Beauty versus the beast. Trending worldwide, even in developing countries.

Beauty versus the beast. Making nearly two hundred billions of dollars for the cosmetic industry in 2010.


Why is there a beauty on the one hand and a beast on the other hand? Aren't they both beauties?

Beauties are Hot and Beastlies are Not

Aren't we all beauties?

No, there are golden standards and guidelines. Beauties are these and these, and the rest are beastlies. Conform or be destroyed.

But who defines whatever you said? Who defines beauty? 

Society. Society defines beauty.

What society? Society of commercial-beauty-corporations-sponsored medical industry and media? 

Uhm. Well. Not really no or yes.

A group of celebrities who may not even be using these products as regularly as they claim in commercials? 

Coughs. You're referring to?

Who defines beauty? 


Yes, you. YOU.

Maybe we can have our own definitions of beauty.

Maybe we can start by answering our own questions regarding beauty.

Maybe you can tell me what beauty is, what natural beauty is, and maybe we can agree on something, disagree on others, and keep on redefining social terms according to our realities and aspirations.

And let's not stop this time. Let's ask these questions and answer them together anytime and anywhere we feel like it.

Beautiful Moms Who Hardly Sleep

Moms sometimes wonder, how can we stay beautiful when bills, marital matters, childrearing duties, and family issues keep us awake at night?

It's not even about looking fresh and flawless (do we really need to be flawless all the time?), but feeling deeply beautiful inside. Knowing beauty not from the mirror or the expectation of others, but from our own expectations of ourselves.

Your beauty is there alright. In your core. You don't even need a mirror to see it. You surely don't need others to confirm it. You just need your assured affirmation.

In a world where commercialized beauty and hygiene products rule, it's hard to find the meaning of "natural beauty." Natural beauty is like one of 'em crazies locked up in a looney bin, the keys thrown away by society's " beauty standard" gatekeepers.

Is she gone for good? She is if you say so. 

You can free her. You can awaken her. You can be your natural beauty. 

You only have to open your mind. You only have to close your ears and eyes to commercialized media and other social distractions that insist on a one-way road.

And you have to be willing to do tons of research and experimentation. 

You have to be willing to do some soul-searching too. 

Beauty is hard work. It is a "thinking," "doing," and "feeling" kind of hard work. 

But I can join you. I can and will help you because I want to be beautiful too. 

Beautiful moms, we can do this. We have to, if we want to change something that feels wrong. 

We have to, if we want to be able to look at ourselves inside and outside and feel better. Better because we're doing something. Better because we're doing it ourselves.

One Beast-of-Burden Journey

Natural beauty in the way of the old and some additions of the new is a whole new world out there, if you've been distracted as long as I have. We have to get down to business and be ready to work for it. 

More importantly, you cannot be naturally beautiful outside if you haven't accepted it inside you. You can't change behavior without changing your mindset. 

If you don't think you're beautiful and nature has simple products to keep you healthy and beautiful, then why are you still reading this? 

You must admit first that you're beautiful and confirm it from your soul. Now, beauty seems to fit with a simple life, don't you think? If you want a simple, practical life, then continue reading.

One of the best ways to change your mind about beauty, and indeed having a beautifully happy life, is to do research and to criticize research. Read, read, read. Think, think, and think even more about what you have read and its applications to you.

You also have to find others who are on the same journey and connect with them. Share ideas. Chime in your experiences. Try DIY yourself.

Now, back to the research element of beauty.

Want to know more about No 'Poo? Tap, tap, tap on your keyboards and research what it is and try them out until you know what's best for your hair and scalp.

Natural make-up? Tap-tap some more and find different natural selections to suit your skin and style.

Homemade remedies for children? Tap again and you'll find different selections of homemade medicine for the entire family.

Homemade aphrodisiacs? Tap those sexual blues away, for the Net is a net of DIY sexual-appetite inflators. You'd be blown away by the fruits and veggies that can blow you away really good.

Homemade self-esteem? That's one of the best homemade products ever. The product of giving yourself the empowerment you need to control your life, and to set the standards that shape how you see yourself and how you want to live.

No More Fighting, Yet We Are Winning

Call us beasts, but we are lovely beasts. And you who resist us and want to change us, you're distracted beauties. 

You're distracted if you doubt your own beauty because society's measures say you don't fit in.

You're distracted if you follow everyone else except what you really want.

Beauties, think about it. Come with me, let's walk together. 

Walk with me. Run with me. Fly with me. 

Let's live life in our own terms. 

Let's live life through learning and relearning.

Let's beast it out beauties, and roar that we are women in control, roar that we are evolving forevermore, and roar that we are beautiful because we simply are.

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